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  • Dads are Awesome...like, really

    Dads are incredible people. They teach us to swim; they foot the bill for flashy weddings; they carve turkey and barbecue like pros; and, they even teach us the rules of chess and the positions of football, baseball, and soccer. Dads are kings of many trades.
    It’s senseless and impossible to pinpoint the exact moment we realize our fathers possess some form of superhuman prowess. Was it when he killed the monster under our bed? Is it when he gave us keys to our first Toyota saying, “Take it...it’s yours!” Or is it when he calls joking he’s forgotten how our voice sounds-- his way of admitting that he misses us and simply wants to talk? Dads are lovely, quirky creatures. Mine for example, still uses his fax machine, writes checks to pay utility bills, buys Brut if Grey Flannel is out of stock, and has no idea what iOS or Android means, in spite of owning a Samsung Galaxy 4 for several years. Albeit, fatherly love is deep and wide.

    Today, we celebrate dads-- for taking us camping over summer break; for driving us cross country to college; for demystifying the NBA playoffs; for giving us our first sips of whiskey; and for simply being that incredible someone who helps us navigate life and its many crossroads.

    Love you dad-- and that damn fax machine.
    Happy Father's Day!