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  • Happy Birthday Me: Time Capsule Project


    This year as I grapple with birthday plans-- what to do, where to go, and what to wear-- I thought I would honor my want for nostalgia but couple it with modern overtones—hence, my birthday time capsule project; and you're invited.

    Here are the rules; they are simple:

    1. You're already at my blog. So half the work is done. No need for GPS.

    2. What's the best memory you have of us, together? Maybe it was in a restaurant, maybe it was on a road trip, maybe you’re my mother and going to say the moment I was born. Whatever the case, conjure your best "you and me" moment—be specific. I want all the details you can muster! Or, maybe it’s really short and sweet. Whatever the case, think about it.

    3. When you’re done pondering, add the memory below in the comment section. Retell your best you n’ me memory. I'm looking to rehash great moments. This is your out, especially if you haven't already sent a card filled with cash. One entry per person. Couples count as two separate people.

    4. I don't care how long I've known you--no prerequisites.

    5. I want to reach at least 50 entries, by October 31st!

    And voilà--you help my birthday dreams come true, a virtual time capsule filled with memories from all walks, moments, and stages of life. I want to hear from you! This is my way to relive a handful of great, embarrassing, and funny moments authored by you.

    | Born | October 1st, along with Jimmy Carter and Julie Andrews | Year | A gentleman, never tells | Time | 2:26 AM | Weight | 5lbs | Hospital | Mississippi Baptist Medical Center, Room 25-B | Person with the forceps | Dr. Wesley Prateven | Notable infant characteristics | pizazz, ambition, UNO expertise, great posture